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Field Trips

Bring your students to see the only competitive educational sled dog team in southern California-where they live and train! We customize programs to meet your schools specific needs and desires. In addition to the information taught in our assembly programs, students receive hands-on experience in dog care, dog yard maintenance, and may be able to see the Team Quest huskies hook up and take off for a training run. A guided hike, in conjunction with this training run, is also available. Your student will also get a chance to meet and cuddle all the sled dogs of Team Quest right in their own living rooms, so to speak. A new addition to our field trip program has been made this season, the Iditarod Checkpoint.

This station provides students with a great feeling of what takes place at each checkpoint along the 1,049 miles of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race. Mandatory equipment check, veterinarian check, food and equipment drops, weather forecast, and a ham radio communication station.

Amateur Radio, also known as Ham Radio, has become another exciting addition to the Adventure Quest program. Talon Stradley (KI6VLV), along with his father (K6OKG), received his Amateur Radio Technician license this past year when he was eleven years old. In order to earn this certification one must master a 350 question pool and must pass a 35 question multiple choice examination. Students are shown how ham radio operators are used during disasters to coordinate emergency responses when other forms of communication, like cell phones and telephones, are incapacitated. Some students will get a chance to participate in “third party traffic,” that is they will get to use a ham radio to contact someone in southern California who will be monitoring our local frequency. A large number of Ham operators volunteer to coordinate communications along the Iditarod Trail each year.

This year-round program is guaranteed to be a unique and exciting experience that will last in the memory of students, teachers, and parents for a lifetime.


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